Non-Surgical Facelift - VISO

Tua Viso is a micro-current facial exerciser that is a non-surgical facelift machine using electrostimulation to lift and tone the face and neck muscles, a full facial workout includes targeting ageing areas such as: sagging skin, wrinkles, droopy eyes, brow lift, cheek lift, naso-labial line, jowls, double chin and even a lip plumper -  giving an even face lift.

Salon grade technology now available to you! A clinically proven anti-ageing solution for toning your face muscles naturally for a balanced more youthful face noticeable within 14 days.

This has been the best selling anti-aging beauty product in our range for more than 7 years. Tua Viso designed by professionals, a salon grade unit for the use in the privacy of your home. You have the power - your private anti-ageing salon at home.

Tua Viso demonstration.

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Deep Cleansing System - SPA

Tua Spa is the new advanced deep cleansing and anti-ageing system for the face and neck which combines two clinically proven technologies used by spa professionals.

An all in one product for deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, toning and anti-aging system for a vibrant and more toned look - a red carpet ready face in minutes. Using ultrasound to deep cleanse pores and exfoliate the skin, the device reduces the appearance of dry patches and imperfections.
It also uses ultrasonic waves to massage moisturisers into the face, helping them to penetrate further and boosting hydration.
The Spa increases the absorption of your favourite moisturizers and serums. Manufactured in Italy by the trusted Vupiesse Italia company.

Tua Spa galvanic style machine

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Body Sculpting System - SILVER

The Silver is a "dual mode" electrostimulator for the whole body. Use it as a belt or in a split second snap off the pod and it becomes a handheld electrostimulator with cords and gel adhesive electrodes.
Using a biphase retangular wave that is perfectly symmetrical allowing it to effectively target areas such as firming and lifting of breasts, improve the look of localised cellulite, toning, slimming and flattening the stomach and shaping, firming and lifting the buttocks, slimming and shaping thighs.  

Tua Silver is another professional-grade beauty product designed by the Tua Team in Italy. Cutting-edge technology with lots of different functions, yet easy to use. Click below for more information on this powerhouse body beautifier.

More about the SILVER


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