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Press Release Tua Viso

Press Release

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Looking for something to do in front of the TV that could help you lose a few years?

 The UKs Grazia Magazine’s Anti-Aging gadget of the year 2008, the Tua Viso, launches in SA…

Most of us are always on the look out for treatments to prevent wrinkles, lines and facial sagging without having to undergo surgery. We want to look youthful without spending hours on expensive salon treatments, or invasive surgery that is beyond the budget of the average person.

So how can we look lifted, toned and fabulous at any age without invasive surgery?
The secret is the Tua Viso - And it’s finally available in South Africa, having already taken Britain, Europe and the USA by storm.

What is the Tua Viso?

Professionally manufactured, the Tua Viso sine wave facial exerciser is the ultimate home use, non-surgical facelift product ever invented. It helps drain puffiness under the eyes and puts the youthful contour back into sagging skins. It was patented and designed in Italy by manufacturers of physiotherapy equipment.


How does it work?

For just 20 minutes a day, the Tua Viso will sculpt, lift and tone your facial muscles. In fact, you can achieve the results of a surgical face-lift after as little as ten days with regular use. The sine wave technology work deep down on seldom-used muscles and thereby achieve tremendous lift and facial muscle tone. The Tua Viso comes with a full warranty, is medically endorsed and meets the highest international safety standards and quality controls.

The Tua Viso is easy to use. There are no wires, sticky pads, gels or electrical plugs involved. It uses unique replaceable sponges that you wet with tap water and is powered by a replaceable 9-volt battery, which makes it a dream come true.

There are 9 specifically targeted exercises to achieve your facial workout:

1. The brow lift raises and smooths the eyebrow
2. The eyebrow lift raises the eyebrow and the upper eyelid
3. The ear/cheek lift raises the cheek and face from behind the ears
4. The under eye exercise contracts the under eye area to squeeze and drain puffiness
5. The cheek/smile lift raises the upper lip
6. The Naso Labial lift reduces the appearance of the lines from either side of the nose going down to the corners of the lips and increases the volume of the upper lip
7. The lower lip lift plumps up the lower lip
8. The chin lift helps lift the jowels
9. The neck lift firms and lifts delicate neck area.

The Tua Viso is a product every woman and man needs if they are serious about trying to stop the ravages of time. Even people in their mid to late twenties will benefit because it will help prevent skin from sagging as they get older. Give it a try. We just know you will be amazed by the results.

Disseminated by Heather Delaney on behalf of Tua Viso SA - Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 0114476257


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