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Tua SILVER body shaper

Whole Body Shaping System

Tua SILVER  central pod unit can be used independently (see images right) thanks to the cords provided and to the gel adhesive electrodes which can be comfortably applied to the body, or else together with the practical belt (see images below)  which, thanks to the patented Rotofit System with water sponges, can be worn and has an immediate effect on muscles and is easy to apply.

This patented system permits easy and immediate positioning of the electrodes on the body. By sliding on the support clips in fact, the electrodes can be moved near or away from each other and turn in all directions. The 2 support clips, which are curved to better adapt to body curves and flexible to simply adapt to the flat areas, are able to slide on the sliding belt to change their distance according to the specific application.




Price: R3100.00  - FREE Delivery

Body Slimmer and Toner

Tua SILVER is an electronic device specially designed to induce muscular exercise centred on training, hardening and toning up the muscles of the body and the slimming of fatty areas.  Based on the principle of electrostimulation, which means electric impulses applied by means of electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles, which contract rhythmically and thus perform real and true physical exercise.
Many clinical trials and research has proven that muscular exercise induced by electrostimulation is particularly effective because it can be intense and selectively targeted on single muscle groups, which is something that is hard to achieve through regular active physical exercise.TUA SILVER has 6 different microcurrent programs: Slim, Tone, Lipocell, Mass, Stength and Relax making it extremely effective to lift and tone the whole body.

Sagging breasts, buttocks, upper arms or thighs? Then you need Tua SILVER Microcurrent whole body therapy! 

Tua SILVER uses microcurrent therapy the microcurrent impulses trigger a chemical reaction at a cellular level to increase the effectiveness of how the human body uses ATP (energy) .  Tua Silver (all the Tua Products) imitates the electrical signals from the brain to the message center of the muscle.  The Microcurrent stimulates the tendon thus aiding in strengthening the muscles by bringing more definition to the body (or face). By reproducing the body’s own biological current we can re-establish muscle memory and it is through this natural strategy we can lift, tone, flatten and strengthen our bodies naturally.  Tua SILVER conveys special low-intensity currents to the muscles and tissues by means of electrodes. 

Photo of Tua Silver microcurrent belt.

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