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Tua VISO Microcurrent Machine

Tua VISO beauty basics.

During life, our face undergoes visible changes: wrinkles appear and become more accentuated, the face's oval changes its lines, the skin loses its normal elasticity, causing bags under the eyes, flabby cheeks and relaxation on the neck. Cosmetics can effectively moisturize and smooth the skin, but to lift the face, something must be done to the structural parts, i.e. the muscles.  
The face's skin lies on and is attached to a structural "carpet" made up of numerous muscles: their loss of tone and compactness is the main cause of loose skin and aging of the face. Managing to keep sufficient volume and tropism, particularly at the level of the less-used fiber's, means restoring a face's youthful looks.  
Tua Viso resembles a cordless telephone in shape and features two electrodes that work neatly and simply with soft, changeable sponges and water from your own tap and performs the complicated face and neck exercises through electro-stimulation. As you exercise the face, you actually enlarge the muscles, giving the appearance of a fuller more youthful look. The increased circulation of blood can be as much as ten times greater than normal when you contract a muscle.  
This clever, yet easy to use device effectively strengthens muscles and lifts cheeks, double chin, jowls and brows, while it tones and tightens eye contours, jaw line, neck and forehead muscles. Improvements can be seen in 10 -14 days. 
Say good-bye to flabby sagging skin on the face and neck.  The next level in natural anti-aging beauty products is here. Tua viso machine also comes with a 1 year warranty for your peace of mind.



Natural Anti-ageing Option.

Tua Viso's sine wave technology works at the level of the less-used muscle fibres, strengthening them, shortening their length and plumping them up the facial muscles in volume. Giving your face the crucial substance, structure and support it needs to maintain its youthful appearance and also lifts the hoods from your eyes.
Collagen and elastin synthesis are stimulated too, so that your skin becomes thicker, more robust and smoother whilst lymph drainage is increased helping to eliminate under eye bags.  An added bonus through usage you will notice an improved and radiant complexion, due to the increased oxygenation, nutrition and detoxification of your skin. 
Proven to work, by advanced independent clinical research.  

With regular use this ingenious anti-ageing beauty product will give you: 
  • A Brow Lift opening your eyes
  • Reduce skin sagging
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Increase lymph drainage - eliminates eye bags
  • Stimulates Collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Give you a radiant complexion
  • Give you back your youthful looks
  • Save you money on beauty products and cosmetic surgery
Tua Viso is easy to use just follow the simple step-by–step guide enclosed with your Tua Viso to help you find the correct application points and, in 30 minutes time, your first “facelift session” will be complete.  
Use Tua Viso 4 - 5 times a week in the beginning (1st Month) and continue 2 - 3 times a week thereafter.   

The absolute natural non-surgical beauty solution to tackle anti-ageing is here in South Africa,  imported from Italy.  Now the anti-ageing beauty machine designed with salon grade technology is now available for home use.
It is well known well known that suitable manual facial exercises or “facial gymnastics”, keep little-used muscular fasciae active and developed others, to prevent a dropping chin line and the formation of bags or wrinkles and hence maintain a youthful look.  Manual facial exercises are however often tricky to learn to do properly and for that reason require patient training.  Electrical stimulation on the other hand, due to its motor / stimulant effect,  can efficiently increase muscular tone in a harmless, selective and rapid manner and much more potently than manual physical exercise or massage.  Further this anti aging beauty solution is salon grade technology designed to be used in the comfort of your home.  
The motor / stimulant effect produces visible contractions, with hypertrophic effect on muscle fibres and a consequent increase in their volume.  The passage of micro-current through the skin has an effect on trophism: local circulation increases, the oxygenation, nutrition and detoxification of the tissues improves, the metabolism is excited by this and the formation of elastic fibres and fundamental support substance is stimulated. -      Doctor Andrea Paolorosso
 See FAQs above for more information on the Tua Viso Natural beauty facelift machine.
 “Electrical stimulation may be the future of skin-care technology”  New York Dermatologist Dennis Gross, M.D. , Elle Magazine Feb. 2003.
“Long term use of electrical stimulation causes skin to appear thicker and more youthful, with a vibrant visible glow”  Dr Nicholas Perricone M.D., New York Bestsellers 'The Perricone Prescription' and 'The Wrinkle Cure'

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