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Photo Gallery

Tua Viso anti-aging before and after photos.

Heather's Natural Brow Lift
Heather had one eye "droopier" than the other you can notice in the before photo that her one eyelid is almost covered by sagging skin.  With daily use of the Tua Viso and spending more minutes on the sagging brow she was able to achieve an incredible natural brow lift after 30 days, although she has some way to go to balance her look,  the sagging skin has pulled taunt and lifted.  She has promised to keep us posted with new photos! We have received a 6 month update on Heather's results.  There is not only a huge difference in the sagging eye both eyes have lifted are much wider and her face looks clearer. She made a point of saying that this was no overnight miracle, but with perseverance and doing her Tua Viso religiously 4 times a week she has managed to transform her face for the better.  


Before and After photos of non-surgical facelift machine Tua Viso

Antonette (Gauteng)
I'm in my late fifties and I was invited to one of your really enjoyable and informative “beauty parties” run by the very knowledgeable consultant Mary.  I was very impressed and bought my Tua Viso. Mary suggested we take photographs of our faces before starting our facial exercises as seeing irrefutable results would motivate us to continue with our daily exercises.  I took a photo the day I bought the product and another one 3 weeks later.  I could not believe the change in such a short period of time.  My skin was smoother, the aging spots seemed to have lightened and my very very deep lines had definitely reduced.  I was astounded to find an anti-aging product that actually worked! This is without a doubt the best beauty product I have ever bought. 



More before and after photo results using Tua Viso non-surgical machine.



Clinical Study shows that:

  • An independent clinical trial conducted at Bologna University, has shown visible facial lift and redefinition after 10 days of use with TUA VISO.
  • The stimulation was referred as being painless and even pleasant by 2/3 of the women who were involved with the testing. 
  • Results also showed that the treatment of facial muscles with electric stimulation is safe and painless. 

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